My name is Ann Satin. I am a spiritual healer using crystals as a healing tool with the power of the mind to balance the energy at all levels.  I have been traveling and teaching the related subjects such as Crystals Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Reiki around the world for the last many years.  The main purpose of selling crystals online is to be able to reach the vast majority of people who are interested in alternative healing using crystal energy. 

We offer high energy crystals to help raise vibration during the transition through the earth shift.  Besides, their natural beauties,  we make sure that each one of our crystals is filled with high energy. We hand select all of our crystals.  We cleanse them and charge them with love and prayer before shipping them out, so that they are ready for our customers to use in healing and therapy purpose.

We guarantee our products to our customer's utmost satisfaction.  If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reasons, please let us know and we will mutually resolve the issue in a calm and peaceful manner. Open communication is the key to success in all relationships. We hope that we can establish a good, healthy and long lasting relationship with all of our customers.

We are pleased to answer any questions that our customers have regarding the crystals or any products that we carry.

Thank you for your love and support of crystal world.

May crystals bring you love, joy, prosperity and happiness.

Many blessings,
Ann Satin
Owner, Sunny Crystals

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